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Hangzhou Cute Pet Technology Co., Ltd.
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Produk utama: Pet Grooming Aksesoris, Anjing Kerah Kalung Dan Memanfaatkan Hewan Peliharaan Interaktif Gerakan Mainan Hewan Peliharaan Tempat Tidur Kucing
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We are delighted to introduce you to Hangzhou Cute Pet Company, a dedicated supplier of high-quality pet products. With 22 years of experience in the pet products industry, including 7 years specializing in e-commerce, we have established our headquarters in Hangzhou, China, and expanded our business with branches in the USA and UK.
Our commitment to offering exceptional quality and service sets us to stand out. We have participated in global pet expos in Orlando and the high light show in Chicago, which make us stay at the forefront of the pet products industry. Our factory not only successfully with prominent retailers but also provides comprehensive support to sellers online like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Etsy sellers. Quality is our soul, good reviews and good ranking is our aim to our customers.
At Hangzhou Cute Pet Company, we are proud of our three factories. Each factory is dedicated to producing specific pet product categories, including wooden pet products, home textile products, and plastic & electric pet products.
Our extensive range of main products includes Cute and Smart pet products, wooden pet products, pet beds, pet grooming accessories, dog collar leashes and dog harnesses, and pet interactive toys. We are passionate about customization and always strive to meet unique customer requirements. To ensure streamlined processes, we have implemented a robust order management system, enabling comprehensive tracking of each order in our CRM.
Once again, we emphasize that quality is paramount in our factory. We have successfully passed the BSCI, and many of our products have obtained TUV and SGS test reports, attesting to their compliance with rigorous quality standards. Kindness and friendliness define our organizational culture, while effective communication is at the core of our aspirations. We extend a warm invitation to visit our factory at your convenience, where you can witness our operations firsthand.
We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to forge a successful partnership and work together toward mutual success.